Recent Horror Movies To Be Scared On Halloween

One of two: either you go out to party disguised as anything silly with your friends, or this Halloween you dedicate it to grab the blanket, lie on the sofa, and have a hard time with good horror movies. We recommend a few released in recent years, a collection of genre titles that should make you go to bed that night wanting to leave the nightstand light on.

Gretel & Hansel

We all know the story of ‘Hansel and Gretel’: two brothers abandoned in the forest because their parents cannot feed them they find themselves face to face with a house made of sweets where a witch lives willing to fatten and eat them. However, this version by Oz Perkins of the Brothers Grimm tale gives a terrifying feminist twist to the story: now Gretel ( Sophia Lillies ) is the center of everything, the girl who must become a woman, the woman who must discover the power within. Incredible images and bad vibes assured.

A Cure for Wellness

Maybe it went unnoticed at the time, but it’s about time you caught up with what is one of the most intriguing horror movies of recent years. Gore Verbinski tells the story of an ambitious young executive who is tasked with the mission of bringing back the director of his company, who is in a wellness center in the Swiss Alps.

The Wind

A horror western? Yes please. This first opera by Emma Tammi will make your hair stand on end, with the story of a woman who settles with her husband in a new house in the middle of nowhere, and, left alone, begins to obsess over a malevolent presence that seems be stalking your home. Loneliness and fear lead her to a spiral of madness, where any shadow is the enemy and her worst fears come to light.

Doctor Sleep

Almost 40 years later, the boy from ‘ The Shining ‘ reappears on the big screen to tell us about the incredible trauma left by the Overlook Hotel, the madness of his father and the two twin girls who invite him to play. But Danny is no longer a child, but an adult with many demons to contend with. And it will be literally. Ewan McGregor stars in this adaptation of the Stephen King novel , directed by Mike Flanagan , which reminded us why Stanley Kubrick’s film is still in our worst nightmares.


Get ready for one of the strangest psychedelic trips that recent cinema has given us. And of course it’s courtesy of the ambitious Ari Aster , director of ‘Hereditary’ (also on the list), who now takes us to the summer festivities of a small village in Sweden, where the white dresses, the flowers and the chants they are becoming something disturbing from which the protagonists, a group of North American tourists, will not be able to escape. But for Aster it serves to show us the path of Dani ( Florence Pugh ) and her acceptance of loss and trauma.

All 6 Horror Films Have Been Nominated For An Oscar For Best Picture

From Jaws to Get Out, these movie classics broke barriers and conquered the Academy with many scares.

The horror movies have a complicated relationship with Oscar for some strange reason they can’t even understand, Academy members often ignore movies of this genre beyond technical categories, but since the 1970s a few have been so important, epic, and revolutionary that They were left with no choice but to give them a very deserved mention in the most important category.

Historically, the Academy has ignored terror, even leaving Steven Spielberg out of the best director category forJaws, even though the film was nominated in several categories, but the rest of the world considers this genre as one of the best and, in recent years, we have been able to see a new style and a new way of scaring that definitely surpasses many other films that are more “traditional” at the awards.

Films like Midsommar, Hereditary, The Witch and It Follows certainly deserved the recognition and, at some point, the members of the Academy are going to realize that, for now, we have to settle for what we already have, 6 films of terror that broke barriers and made history.

The Exorcist, 1974

William Friedkin’s film gave the world a level of terror that it had not seen before, The Exorcist was so terrifying that, according to reports, people passed out in the movie theater and both his music, as his protagonist, became icons of cinema and one more step to promote terror. The Exorcist confirmed the importance of having a great soundtrack and using realism to create more tension and earned 10 Oscar nominations for it, although it only won in the categories of Best Sound and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Jaws, 1976

To this day, there is no one who cannot recognize the famous chords of this movie, even if they have not seen it. Jaws took terror out of the world of monsters and witches and brought it to the real world with a series of shocking special effects for the time that Steven Spielbergused to give life to a huge shark that made several people never go into the sea again. Jaws won for best sound, editing and music, but Spielberg was completely ignored as a director.

The Silence of the Lambs, 1991

The movie of Jonathan DemmeIt is the first and the only one that has won for best film, and it also won in the categories of best adapted screenplay, best actor, best actress and best director, making it the most awarded horror film in history. How do i do it? with a flesh and blood “monster” who used psychology to play with his victims before destroying them, and with a rookie police officer who dared to confront him to solve a complicated case. Silence of the Lambs is one of the great gems of cinema and Hannibal Lecter is one of the most legendary villains.

The Sixth Sense, 2000

This was the movie that put M Night Shyamalanon the map, and had them call it the new Spielberg. The film won 6 nominations and won audiences, critics and the Academy with one of the most impressive plot twists in film history. Shyamalan built his story to make you believe we knew it all, only to change it in the end and show us that when it comes to horror, we can’t trust our own eyes.

Black Swan, 2011

By now, it is clear that Darren Aronofskyhe is a master of all things terrifying and twisted. Black Swan is pure psychological horror and it taught us that sometimes the worst monster or demon is within ourselves, talking about obsession, paranoia and jealousy. Natalie Portman did an incredible job of bringing to life a manic dancer trapped in a spiral of her own insanity and took her first best actress Oscar as a reward.

Get Out, 2017

Jordan PeeleHe gave us an important lesson about racism today with this psychological thriller in which a man must escape from the crazy family of his girlfriend who wants to hypnotize him to steal his body. Get Out was a milestone in cinema and marked a before and after in cinema, something that was noted by the members of the Academy, who gave the film 4 nominations with which it made history, including best screenplay, best film , best actor and director.…